Mother's Day Gifts for Book Loving Moms

Mother’s day is quickly approaching, and I’m here to help. Don’t let this be another year of last minute gift-shopping and flower ordering. Take a look at the list of creative, book-related gifts that I’ve put together. 

Individual Books: 

A great book is always a good gift. It’s a nice way for your mom to sit back and relax and immerse herself in a story. Here are a couple of current, interesting suggestions: 

1.       The Honey Farm by Harriet Alida Lye. You can check out my review of this psychological thriller and drama here. It’s the kind of story that you really lose yourself in, and it’s a perfect spring read. It’s beautiful, strange, and unique.

2.       Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman. If your mom enjoyed Big Little Lies as much as mine did, than this is the perfect gift for her. It’s upbeat, it’s genuinely funny, and it’s just dramatic enough to be very entertaining. Check out my review here.

3.       It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario. This book is all about love, dedication, motherhood, and the hard choices working women have to make. It is inspiring and powerful and will make you feel strong. I’ve already recommending it to my mom. Read my review here.

4.       One Day Closer by Lorinda Stewart. Full disclosure, I haven’t read this book yet. It’s on my list for this month, and it’s sitting patiently on my desk waiting for me to finish everything else in the queue. BUT this book is about a mother who goes through something no mother should ever have to experience: her child is kidnapped. It’s about belief, love, and an incredible woman who would stop at nothing to have her child returned safely. 

5.        Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. This book is absolutely beautiful. It is a sweeping, epic family drama set over the course of decades in Korea and Japan. It is about family, motherhood, and the choices parents have to make to protect their children. See my review here.

Book Subscription Boxes: 

We've all seen pictures of Instagram models opening their fitness and beauty subscription boxes, showing off the face masks and dietary supplements that come inside. They even have subscription boxes for dog-owners that come stocked with toys and treats. It only makes sense that several smart entrepreneurs have created book subscription boxes. 

How it works: You choose how long you want to subscribe for, pay the monthly fee, and each month you get a newly released book and other goodies in the mail. You can sign up for gift subscriptions and have them sent to family and friends as well, making it a great Mother’s Day gift! 

Accoridng to my research, some of the most popular Canadian book subscription boxes are: 

-          The Bookish Box - You can choose from several different varieties of boxes. Some boxes come stocked with book-inspired gifts like mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts, as well as a book. Most prices are between $30-40 for one month. 

-          Fresh Fiction - This book subscription box gives you a lot of bang for your buck. They currently have a one time box deal that's $27.95 for a beautiful box filled with 5 to 7 print books and e-books. It's a great gift! 

And, because my parents are in the U.S., I’ll add that my recommendation for American subscription boxes would be Book of the Month. BoTM currently only ships within the United States (although I've been checking the site regularly to see if they're going to start shipping internationally any time soon). For a three-month gift subscription you pay $44.99 and your mom will get a list of books available for the month and gets to choose which she wants. The books are brand new to market, and the packaging of the boxes is beautiful. 


My final gift suggestion is an Audible gift subscription. Audiobooks are great for busy moms. They’re portable, accessible, and entertaining. If your mom spend a lot of time traveling or commuting, or just wants something new to listen to when she exercises, this could be the perfect thing for her.