What To Read In February

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January was an exciting month for book releases, with instant hits like The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker and Looker by Laura Sims pleasing readers around the world. February is set to be just as interesting. A long list of thrillers, memoirs, and literary fiction novels are set to hit shelfs in the upcoming month, and here are my top recommendations for which ones you should check out:

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The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict

Synopsis: A woman returns home from a weekend getaway to find a strange man has moved into her house. Desperate to get back to her normal life, she becomes obsessed with getting him out. As the days drag on and he continues to inhabit her space, she begins to wonder if the strange events unfolding before her are related to the death of her sister many years before.

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Publisher: Mulholland Books

Release Date: February 5th

Purchase link:

Her One Mistake by Heidi Perks

Synopsis: Charlotte’s life is turned upside down when her best friend Harriet’s child goes missing under her supervision. Despite hating Charlotte for her role in the disappearance, Harriet realizes that she may not be able to reunite with her child without her former best friends’ help.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Release Date: February 5th

Purchase Link:

Remember Me? by D.E. White

Synopsis: Fifteen years after leaving her hometown in Wales, detective Ava Cole returns to make peace with the event that caused her to flee in the first place: the mysterious death of her best friend Ellen. Reuniting with a group of friends from her youth, Ava realizes those around her may know more about Ellen’s death than they’ve been letting on. What Ava started receiving strange messages and threats she has to accept that she hasn’t really left her past behind at all.

Publisher: HQ Digital

Release Date: February 6th

Purchase Link:

The Unwinding Of The Miracle by Julie Yip-Williams

Synopsis: Born blind in Vietnam, Julie Yip-Williams barely survived childhood. Against the odds she and her family escape the political upheaval of the 1970s and fled to America, where Julie met a surgeon who partially restored her vision. Years later she graduated from Harvard Law School and began a miraculous career, only to find out at age 37 she had terminal cancer. A mother of two daughters, Williams recounts the horrors of being young and sick, and considers her life through a lens she never imagined having to look through. The Unwinding Of The Miracle is a memoir that sharply contrasts life and death, and explores the unpredictability of the world we live in.

Publisher: Random House

Release Date: February 5th

Purchase Link:

The Moroccan Girl by Charles Cumming

Synopsis: When bestselling author Kit Carradine is approached by MI6 to complete a straightforward task for his country while attending a literary festival in Morocco, he immediately takes on the job. But when Kit finds himself on the tail of Lara Bartok, leader of a violent revolutionary society, he realizes he may be in over his head. Packed with action, adventure and unlikely friendship, The Moroccan Girl is a refreshing take on the spy novel.

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: February 12th

Purchase Link:

The Birds That Stay by Ann Lambert

Synopsis: A reclusive elderly woman is found dead in her home in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. Chief Inspector Romeo Leduc takes on the case and immediately suspects a biker gang in the area is involved. When Marie, one of the murdered woman’s’ neighbours, comes forward with surprising information, the case is linked to a terrible crime that took place in 1970s Montreal and then to one even further back during the Second World War. The Bird That Stay is the first novel is what promises to be a gripping crime series from author Ann Lambert.

Publisher: Second Story Press

Release Date: February 19th

Purchase Link:

The Happiness Project by Pippa James

Synopsis: When 41-year-old Alison’s beloved mother in law passes away, her perfectly planned life is turned upside down. Along with two friends, Alison creates a Happiness Project that will keep her mother in law’s spirit alive and force her to step outside of her comfort zone and meticulous preparation. A funny, charming and quirky novel about love, loss and second chances.

Publisher: Bookouture

Release Date: February 12th

Purchase Link: