Writers To Watch Out For In 2019


It’s January; the month of getting excited about things that will slowly lose their allure over the course of the year. Diets, fitness regimes and online shopping bans will fall to the wayside for more than one individual, but if there’s one thing to be – and stay – excited for, it’s the long list of incredible books being released over the next twelve months.

At the beginning of each month I’ll be posting a list of the most exciting books coming out over the next four weeks. You can read my January edition here. Since I often get access to advance copies and digital review copies of upcoming books, my goal is to keep my readers up to date on what’s being released and whether or not they should care. Today’s post follows in the same vein, but rather than focusing on exciting new releases, I want to turn everyone’s attention to some of the most promising writers we should be watching for in 2019.

These writers (who all happen to be women) are so unbelievably talented and inspiring, and their work has really connected with me in the past. They all have upcoming books, and their works cover a range of genres and topics, meaning there’s something for everyone in this list.  

1.       Jia Tolentino. By the age of 27, Jia Tolentino had already earned an MFA, been a deputy editor at Jezebel, and landed a staff writing job at The New Yorker. Her ability to turn complex thoughts into clear words is unparalleled, and she has forged a place for herself as the voice of a generation (although from her Twitter she seems like too laid back of a person to ever think of herself that way). Her writings have covered topics like the Me Too movement and on-campus politics, and she is, in my opinion, one of the best book reviewers out there. Her first book, a collection of essays called Trick Mirror, will hit shelves in August.  

2.       Kate Winkler Dawson. How could I write an author round-up without including true crime queen Kate Winkler Dawson? Her first book Death In The Air explored the Great London Smog and the crimes of a notorious serial killer. In a 2018 interview she told me her second book, American Sherlock, is in the works and will cover the career of one of America’s first forensic scientists.

3.       Laura Sims. An accomplished poet and now promising author, Laura Sims is forging quite the name for herself in the literary world. Her first novel Looker, a character study of a woman losing her mind called, sparked a battle between publishing companies, and reviews have been incredibly positive so far. Sims has beautiful style, a unique voice, and the ability to really get under her readers’ skin.

4.       Karen Thompson Walker. After the success of her first sci-fi-meets-coming-of-age novel The Age Of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker is back in 2018 with a second natural disaster story. Her sophomore novel, called The Dreamers, tells the story of a small college town overrun by a mysterious illness that causes its sufferers to fall into a deep sleep and experience life-altering dreams. Walker’s writing is through provoking and contemplative in a way I’ve never encountered before.

5.       Harriet Alida Lye. It’s no secret Harriet Alida Lye was one of my favorite authors of 2018. Her debut novel The Honey Farm made my “Best Books of 2018” list and gave me a serious reading hangover. Lye announced via Twitter she is in the process of writing her second book, this time a memoir called Natural Killer about her experiences dealing with leukemia as a kid. Her beautiful literary style and unique voice are sure to make this book an incredible read.

6.       Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The hilarious duo behind the hit podcast My Favorite Murder sent fans into a tizzy in 2018 when they announced they’d written a book. The two women, who have dealt with anxiety, eating disorders, severe health problems and addiction, say the book is a memoir-style backgrounder on their lives and the experiences which led them to become obsessed with true crime.

7.       Sally Rooney. Already a Man Booker nominee before the age of 30, Irish-born Sally Rooney is set to continue making waves in 2019. After an essay on her experience as a competitive debater attractive significant literary attention, Rooney released her debut novel, Conversations With Friends, in 2017. The book was an instant success, and has led to Rooney being described as the first great millennial writer and an author for the digital age. Her second book, Normal People, hits shelves in Canada later this spring. Young, talented, and unfailingly original, Sally Rooney is definitely someone to look out for.

Thank you for reading this post! Comment below with some of your favourite authors so I can check out their work. I always love hearing from readers and adding more books to my to-be-read list!