The Best Bookish Birthday Presents

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We all have an aggressive book lover in our lives. That person who would rather be curled up on a couch with a book than doing anything else. They’re always obsessed over one fictional character or another and droning on about which books you should be reading and how fantastic the public library system is. They can be insufferable at times. Oh wait, I’m describing myself.

Whether the person I’ve described above is your brother, sister, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anything in between, it’s a safe bet that you’re planning to get them a book for their birthday. In fact, it’s likely that they’ve spent a decent amount of time convincing you that books aren’t a lame birthday gift, but rather the BEST birthday gift. So how do you buy a book for the person who’s read all of the books? Well, luckily I’m here to help.

My first advice is this: ask them which book they want. As a book lover, I’m painfully aware of how expensive a habit reading can be. There’s always one book on my radar that I’m dying to read but simply can’t afford to buy. It would be my dream come true to have someone ask which book I’d like as a gift. For anyone currently wondering I’ve actually got my eye on Normal People by Sally Rooney and Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee at the moment…No pressure.

My second piece of advice is this: Instead of getting them another book (because let’s face it, their book shelf will probably keel over under the weight) why not get them a book-related gift? Something to help them along with their reading goals. Here are a few suggestions.

A reading light.

I have spent many nights wide awake in bed reading by the light of my cell phone so I don’t keep my boyfriend awake by turning on an overhead light. It’s so frustrating to try to keep my phone lit while also trying to turn pages. Life would be a lot easier with a light like this one from Amazon.

Here is an example of an affordable reading light:


A Bookish Mug

It seems to be a theme that book lovers are also coffee and tea fanatics. What could possibly go together better than a good book and a warm beverage? Give your bookish friend or family member a reading-themed mug to drink their coffee out of! These examples are cute and affordable.

You can also check out these lovely insulated book tumblers from Kate Spade. They’re cute, environmentally friendly, and very useful!

Here are two options for cute literary mugs:


A Book Blanket

Now that your reader has a light a mug, all that’s left to up the coziness factor is a soft book blanket! Here are a couple examples of literary blankets that are sure to warm their heart (and body).

Here are some book blanket options:

Reading Socks

My collection of fuzzy socks is likely one of the biggest in the world. I hate having cold feet, and living in Canada during the winter usually means the risk of cold feet is very high. You can buy good reading socks at Chapters, Indigo, Coles, Etsy, or these lovely “F*** Off I’m Reading” ones from Amazon.

Here are some reading socks to check out!


Creative Book Ends

If your bookish friend/family member is anything like me, it’s safe to assume their book shelves can get a little crazy at times. Help them get organized with these fun book ends. Not only will their shelves been easier to navigate, but they’ll look nicer as well!

Check out these London, England themed bookends to inspire organization and wanderlust":


A Tote Bag

It’s a well-known fact that bookish people are always carrying tote bags. How else will we lug all of our books to and from the library and to all of the coffee shops we so often haunt? This Kate Spade tote bag will be a handy addition to your book lover’s arsenal.

This Kate Spade tote is one of my personal favourites. It’s fashionable and useful and perfect for taking to work or going to get groceries.:


A Desktop Organizer

Organizational units are perfect for anyone who struggles to keep their desktop clean. Sleek and stylish units like this one from Amazon are a great way to store books, notes, and files in creative way. They take up minimal space and clear room for other desktop necessities (like mugs of coffee).

This organizer by Jerry & Maggie is perfect for storage and decoration:



There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book and the calming light and smell of nice candles. Grab a four-piece set of colorfully decorated candles online and your book-loving friend will be thanking you for days.

This set of four colorful candles will bring light, warmth and coziness to your readers’ favourite corner:


A Literary-Themed Wall Print

These beautiful tapestries double as wall art and conversation starters. They’re the perfect apartment decor for someone who loves literature, and they come in a variety of styles that can be tailored to the reading preferences of the person you’re buying for.

This wall hanging is perfect for a reading nook or bedroom:


A Bookish Throw Pillow

While we’re on the theme of apartment decor, why not help a book-lover spice up their reading nook with a lovely and comfy throw pillow? “Go Away I’m Reading” and “Coffee & A Good Book” cases will bring joy to readers everywhere.

Here are two lovely options for throw pillows with literary themes. They’re cute, funny, and cozy:


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I make a small commission off of sales made through these links, which I use to keep my blog up to date. Thank you and happy reading!