August 2019 Book Release List


It’s the last month of summer holidays, which means it’s high time to squeeze in all of the books you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to. Whether you’re on a beach, on your couch, or lounging on a patio, there’s no better past time than getting lost in a great story. August is ushering in a list of fantastic novels from incredible authors like Ruth Ware, Jia Tolentino, and Katherine Center. Whether you want romance, mystery or advice on navigating social media, there’s a book here that’s perfect for you.

1. Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino (Penguin Random House Canada)

Synopsis: New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino tackles internet culture, political divide, and women’s rights in her upcoming book of essays Trick Mirror. With her signature wit, intellect, and almost unbelievably gift for storytelling, Tolentino recounts her experiences studying at the University of Virginia, trying ecstasy for the first time, and participating in a reality television show in Puerto Rico. This books is perfect for disillusioned millennials who find themselves mindlessly scrolling through social media and hoping for another Fyre Festival.

Pub Date: August 6th

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2. Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center (St. Martin’s Press)

Synopsis: Following up on the success of last novel How To Walk Away, Katherine Center is back with another uplifting story about love, perseverance and poise. Texas firefighter Cassie Hanwell’s life is upended when she has to move to Boston to care for her ailing mother. Facing hazing from her new male colleagues, Cassie isn’t sure she’ll be able to endure much longer on the new job. But a kind rookie and support from unexpected places may just be enough to keep her going. Things You Save in a Fire is a story about vulnerability, redemption, and the strength of the female spirit. It’s a perfect, feel-good novel to end your summer with.

Pub Date: August 13th

3. The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware (Simons & Schuster)

Synopsis: The Queen of Suspense has returned with what I believe to be her best novel yet. Set at a mysterious, atmospheric and very remote house in the Scottish highlands, The Turn of the Key follows a young woman named Rowan who takes on a job nannying for a technology-obsessed family. It turns out the fantastic pay and living perks may not actually be worth enduring the series of terrifying and ultimately deadly events that unfold over the course of her employment. Ware pays homage to Henry James classic horror novella The Turn of the Screw in her highly anticipated fifth novel.

Pub Date: August 27th

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4. What You Did by Claire McGowan (Thomas & Mercer)

Synopsis: When Ali invites five of her closest university friends for a twenty-year reunion she thinks everything will be perfect. She’s finally got the perfect life - a great career, strong relationship, and lovely family - and is excited to show it off to her friends. But a shocking accusation against Ali’s husband leaves her questioning her allegiance, and struggling to choose between the friends she loves dearl and the husband she has built a life with.

Pub Date: August 1st

5. A Fire Sparkling by Julianne Maclean (Lake Union Publishing)

Synopsis: This multi-generational war saga explores the lives of a grandmother and granddaughter who, decades apart, under tumultuous relationships and learn dramatic life lessons. When Gillian discovers a photo of her grandmother in the arms of a Nazi officer, she becomes obsessed with unraveling the truth. Flipping between present day and 1939 England, A Fire Sparkling is about learning from the past and forging a life in the future, and ultimately surviving challenging times.

Pub Date: August 1st

6. Lost You by Haylen Beck (Crown Publishing)

Synopsis: Three years ago Libby’s husband left, leaving her to raise their infant son while struggling to start a writing career. Now, with a novel finally published, Libby feels like she may have things under control. The only problem is that she can’t stop looking over her shoulder, haunted by an event that took place when her son was born. Her lingering fears are proven valid when Ethan disappears from a remote resort, turning up later with a woman who claims to be his real mother. The two “mothers” face off in the ultimate fight: for the son they both claim is their own.

Pub Date: August 6th

7. The Perfect Son by Lauren North (Berkley)

Synopsis: After the death of her husband, the only thing holding Tess together is her son, Jamie. The morning after Jamie’s eighth birthday, Tess wakes up in the hospital certain of several things: she’s been stabbed, her son is missing, and her brother-in-law and grief therapist are involved. The only problem is that no one in the hospital will listen to her. It seems like the only way to find her son is to piece together the time between her husband’s death and Jamie’s disappearance.

Pub Date: August 13th

8. Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood (St. Martin’s Press)

Synopsis: It’s 1969, and Ginny Richardson’s heart has been shredded by her husband’s decision to send their daughter Lucy, born with Down Syndrome, to a special school called Willowridge. Two years later a series of articles surface exposing Willowridge for the horrific place it is, and Ginny decides she has to bring her daughter home. The events that unfold turn Ginny into more than just a desperate mother - now she’s a fugitive as well. Keeping Lucy is a story about a mother’s love, regret and redemption, and the sacred bond between mother and daughter.

Pub Date: August 6th

9. The Whisper Man by Alex North (Celadon Books)

Synopsis: A father and son are caught in the crosshairs of an investigation to catch a serial killer in this riveting, terrifying thriller. After the death of his wife, Tom Kennedy moves his son to a small town in hopes of speeding up the healing process. What he doesn’t realize is that the town’s dark past - which includes the abduction and murder of five resident two decades earlier and the recent disappearance of a young boy - may be an impediment to moving on. Detectives Amanda Beck and Pete Willis take on the case, and find themselves face to face with the monster that haunted their town years ago.

Pub Date: August 20th

10. The Birthday Girl by Melissa de la Cruz (Dutton)

Synopsis: Ellie de Florent-Stinson is celebrating her 40th birthday wish an all-out party in Palm Springs. She had a thriving career, a large, loving family and a solid relationship with her husband. Her past, including one particularly eventful Sweet Sixteen party, is locked away…or at least so it seems. As her old and new friends, beloved family, and even some ex-husbands group together for her big night, it seems like the skeletons in Ellie’s closet may be about to break out into the light.

Pub Date: August 6th