Writing & Editing Services


As an experienced journalist and writer I have expertise in crafting precise and compelling written content. I have had over 350 stories published across a range of publications, including magazines, newspapers, and digital platforms. I have run my own successful blog for over a year and half and have a strong grasp on writing for SEO and maximum engagement.

Please email me at olivianagode@gmail.com or send me a message through my contact page for more information on rates, turnaround times and to discuss the details of your copywriting or editing needs, and read below for most information on the services I provide.

Services Provided

Copy & Content Writing

Do you need help writing professional social media captions, blog posts or communications materials for your business? I offer personalized copywriting services with the promise of capturing exactly what it is you want to say with style.


Are you working on a book, an important business post, or an article and feel like it could use an extra set of eyes? I provide contract editing services to help you catch grammatical mistakes, factual errors and misused words.


Press Packages

Are you trying to publicize an event or new product but aren’t sure how to get maximum media and public attention? Let me help by putting together tailored press releases and information packages for you to send to clients and key members of the media.